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Li’l Miss Stompy

Due to the warmer than usual weather, sawing up pencils has taken a back seat. A friend has acquired a band saw, but its not up and running yet. When it is, I’ll be testing it for pencil-worthiness.

In the meantime, our regular readers may remember my looted Stompa (from the same guy who has the band saw! So he only has himself to blame!).

I did attempt to paint it in gingham style, but due to several factors outside of my control, plus my inherent cack-handedness, it turned out cack. Luckily, my Mum is a dab hand with a needle and thread! After a quick explanation (which ended with “Don’t tell me any more! I’ll make you a dress, just be quiet!”), Li’l Miss Stompy now has a new outfit! I still have some work to do on her accessories (such as Buzz-Saw arm and Soopa-Gatling-Kannon), but hopefully she’ll be ready soon!

I’ve magnetized her head, so it can be removed to represent a fatal hit, and will be trying to magnetise her arms, so they can be removed when destroyed, and also to prepare for other weapons to become available.

So, a sneak preview of my Lady Of War (or Shrine to War Gods, if used as Scenery!) :

Stompa in Gingham Dress

Li’l Miss Stompy