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Shooting Gallery

The Fun Fair continues, with the latest addition of a Shooting Gallery!

View along the Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Range

Da Boyz can choose between using the old, rusty las-gunz, or trying their luck with Da Big Shoota (Customised Terminator Assault Cannon)

View of three guns

Choose your Weapon!

As can be seen from this view along the Range, someone has already had a go with the Big Shoota:

View along the Range, with one destroyed Target

New Target Please!

Partly to avoid “bowling green syndrome”, and partly due to my first layer of flock going horribly wrong, the range is covered in three types of flock; dark grass, light grass and sand. I only added one mushroom this time. I find that just by varying the shades of flock, and adding minor fauna and flora you can turn a piece from OK to Impressive.

For those of you interested in technical details, the fence is made from cocktail sticks, while the bench and Banner are wood-textured plasticard. The Struts holding up the banner are pre-made plastic struts set into milliput “concrete securing sections”. The targets are plasticard with a Beakie silhouette PVA’d on.

A rear view of the targets, with mushroom


So now, even if the Beakies refuse to play ball, Da Boyz will always have something to shoot at! And may even win a Prize!