A Saw For a Gentleman

After much deliberation, deep-thinking and hard work, I have eventually found a decent way of cutting up the large number of pencils for the Giant’s Causeway scenery!

My Dad has lent me a Gentleman’s Saw (I wouldn’t expect him to have any other type! 🙂 ). Now I’d never heard of one of these, but it appears to be a small back-saw (or Tenon Saw), 8″ in length, and 2″ deep (including brass back), with finer teeth and a turned wooden handle. I had previously considered a tenon saw, but considered the teeth to be too rough, and feared it would rip the wood too much, leaving a ragged end, and pull chunks of wood off.

Gentleman's Saw

Gentleman’s Saw

Initial testing shows that it cuts through the slim pencils with ease, leaving a reasonably smooth surface. Yes, they need filing down, but this is easy enough. I have even experimented with cutting multiple pencils at once, and found that Three Is The Magic Number! Four pencils causes too much drag, and becomes hard to hold steady.



Rough-Cut Pencil Ends

Rough-Cut Pencil Ends

And so, without further ado, on with the scenery! I shall hopefully, armed with my new saw, be posting regular updates on the Giant’s Causeway, and looking for design ideas for putting it all together!

Watch this space!

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