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The Tower Continues …

I got round to giving the Quality CD Tower a quick spray with Games Workshop Rough Coat (No longer available, I believe – no loss!). Its not very rough, more of a slight texture.

Tower with Rough Coat

Tower with Rough Coat

I’ll give it another layer, and see if that gives it more texture, and I’m very tempted to put Stone Coat over the top, which, last time I used it, gave a much deeper effect.

I have also dug out some Imperial Architecture to liven it up with:

Tower With Buttresses

Added Buttresses!

For now, these have only been propped into place to show how they will look. Once the surface is finalised, they’ll be glued and painted up nicer.
I’ve got a load of extra bits for the top, including skulls, Imperial Aquila and some lamps which will be placed around the rim. I’m not sure what to crown the piece with, maybe a radar dish, or gun-platform. Of maybe I can find a “statue” or monument to put on top.

Watch this space!
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Hello World!

So, just to make sure we’re on the same page: Everything is Scenery! EVERYTHING!

Details can be found at:

Here we will be discussing all things Scenery, and showing how just about anything can be turned into terrain pieces for your miniature wargame.

To start you off, here are some barricades made from cocktail sticks, coffee stirrers and polystyrene:

Lolly Stick Barricade

Lolly Stick Barricade

Cocktail Stick Barricade

Cocktail Stick Barricade

If you want some tips on how to make these, and other pieces, visit the Main Site.

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